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4 Natural Remedy for Bone and Joint Pain | Sandhi Sudha Plus  arrow

4 Natural Remedy for Bone and Joint Pain | Sandhi Sudha Plus
Neri Oxman has once said, "In nature, there is no separation between design, engineering, and fabrication, the bone does it all."

Bones are the pillars on which whole body is constituted. They provide support to our body and help form a shape. Bones are rigid structure that safeguards delicate internal organs and are the storehouse of calcium. They also provide housing to the bone marrow, where blood cells are formed.

Joints are the junctions between two or more bones. Joints allow significant and complex range of motion. Mechanism of joint provides constancy and lessens the risk of damage from constant use.

What causes bone and joint pain?

Many events and conditions may lead to bone and joint pain.

Mineral deficiency

Strong bones require an array of minerals and vitamins including calcium and vitamin D. The most common type of bone disease, osteoporosis, is caused by the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D.


It is common cause of bone and joint pain. Trauma due to accidents or fall cause injury, which leads to pain.

Diseases that disrupt blood supply to bones

Some disease like sickle cell anemia hinders the blood supply to bones. With disruption of blood supply, bone tissues start to die. This causes significant pain of bone and degeneration of bone cells.


Infection of bone is a serious condition called osteomyelitis. This infection kills bone cells and causes bone pain.


From about age 30, density of bone starts to diminish in men and women. Women in their menopausal age have higher chances of bone density loss.

As people age, cartilages and connective tissues tend to get affected causing rigidity and brittleness and range of motion becomes painful.

  • As per Ayurveda, there are three energies - kapha, vata, and pitta. Imbalances in any of these cause diseases. Vata is believed to be the main cause of joint pains. Ama or toxins gets accumulated in the weaker parts of the body and results in joint pain.
  • If you are one of those millions, who rely on painkillers to find relief from bone and joint pain, you have arrived at the right place where you can find some harmless and safer alternatives to these drugs.
  • Researches show that about one-third of adults undergo some type of joint pain every month. Depending upon the severity, mostly these pains are left untreated. The most common areas of pain are those, which are involved in recurring movements or that which carries the burden of the body weight.

Natural Remedies for Bone and Joint Pain

  1. Exercising and Getting Enough Movements

    Physical movements not just keep your skeletal system healthy, but help you in losing weight. Losing body weight means less burden on your joints.

  2. Diet Modifications

    Lack of essential vitamins and minerals cause weakening of bones. A diet rich in calcium and vitamin restores and improves your bone health.

    Chronic inflammation in the body causes weakness and gradually leads to bone degeneration. Omega 3 fatty acids found in chia seeds and walnut help alleviate inflammation in the body.

  3. Weight Management

    Extra weight put a lot of unrequired strain on joints and bones. If you suffer from osteoporosis, being overweight can aggravate the condition and accelerate bone degeneration.

    Managing a healthy weight is a simple and natural remedy to most of the health problems including musculoskeletal pain.

  4. Herbal Remedies

    Nirgundi, Harjod, Ajwain, Ashwagandha, Shallaki and Dashmool, which is a mixture of ten herbal roots are some of the herbs suggested by Ayurveda experts to cure bone and joint pain.

Leaves of Nirgundi has maximum benefits. The stem and seeds of Nirgundi also have medicinal properties, but little lesser than its leaves. It is a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant and anti-oxidant and helps joint recover to its healthy state speedily.

Harjod is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, calcium, zinc, sodium, iron, lead and cadmium. This herb has high potency to diminish central and peripheral pain.

Ashwagandha is a crucial herb for joint health. It aids in bone calcification and revival of bone tissues.

If you are looking for an Ayurvedic solution to your bone and joint problem, we suggest Sandhi Sudha Plus. It is a unique blend of authentic herbs like Akarkara, Nirgundi, Amrit Dhara, Asaliya, Jyoti Smriti, which vitalizes it as a potent pain reliever.

Sandhi Sudha Plus lubricates, strengthens, recovers, nourishes, and stimulates the synovial membranes assuring relief within few days.


Pain is a distressing feeling in the body, joint and bone pain being one of them. There are various methods of alleviating pain. Some find medicines helpful and some find massages and herbs beneficial. Whichever the method, speedy recovery is what everyone yearns for.

Healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet changes and herbal remedies are few natural ways to restore and revive your bone health. Follow these simple ways and lead a happy and pain-free life.

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