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Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Bone and Joint Pain  arrow

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Bone and Joint Pain

Ayurveda is increasingly being preferred for relief of ailments by many for its natural constituents. Although, not all ayurvedic medicines can help in giving the expected result. So, it's better to bear in mind some of the important points if you are going for an ayurvedic remedy.

Conventional Causes of Joint Pain

The distress of joint include ache, pain soreness, tenderness of the joint. Knee pain is most common among elderly population. There are various reasons of joint pain such as low calcium level, age, genetics, injuries, wear and tear of joints and degeneration of bones and tissues. Medical conditions like gout, arthritis, and osteoporosis also are a few common causes of joint pain.

Changes in Lifestyle with Ayurvedic Treatment

The management of mild to moderate joint pain is possible by making a few changes in lifestyle. Here are a few tips:

  • Managing a healthy weight: Excess weight puts strain on joints, especially the knee joint and results in knee pain. Maintaining a healthy weight frees up the joints from extra pressure that's exerted on joints while carrying body weight.
  • Maintaining a proper posture: If you have a job that requires you to sit at one position for a long duration then make sure you have a good back support. Sitting long with bad posture may worsen back pain.
  • Be Physically Active: Keep moving, it makes your joint healthy. Bones and joints are like machines. As machines get rusted without motion, the bones and joints too stiffens without motion and needs regular movement to keep them going. Stretching exercises, jogging or even simple walking keeps the bones and joints healthy.
  • Avoid sedentary life: There are several damaging effects of sedentary lifestyle. When you sit for long, it stiffens your joints. Avoid sitting for too long. After every 20 to 40 minutes move around or do some stretches.
  • Eat balanced diet: Diet rich in calcium and vitamin D are essential for your bone health. Get enough sunlight as it is the natural source of vitamin D. Vitamin D stimulates absorption of dietary calcium from intestines and adjusts calcium deposition in your bones.
  • Avoid unhealthy habits: Avoid smoking cigarettes and abuse of alcohol. Smoking reduces blood supply to bones. The substance called nicotine found in cigarettes hinders the production of bone-producing cells.

How Ayurvedic Medicine Sandhi Sudha Plus Helps

Ayurvedic medicine Sandhi Sudha Plus helps you get relief from pain, swelling and stiffness associated with inflammation, cervical & lumbar spondylosis and sciatica. It works by stimulating blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

Unique blends of authentic herbs like Akarkara, Nirgundi, Amrit Dhara, Asaliya, Jyoti Smriti enlivens it as a potent pain reliever.

It lubricates, strengthens, recovers, nourishes, and stimulates the synovial membranes assuring relief from bone and joint pain.

There are no side effects of using Sandhi Sudha Plus as they are 100% natural and safe.

If you are suffering from bone and joint pain, check to get quick relief.

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