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Managing Joint and Muscle Pain with Ayurveda  arrow

Managing Joint and Muscle Pain with Ayurveda

Joint and muscle pain has been the most common problem among elders, although this is not just limited to any age group in the present context.

Joint pain may begin as a mild discomfort or it can begin abruptly after an injury or exercise. A dull ache or burning sensation is most often a sign of arthritic pain. It can occur with movement or when at rest. Joint pain may seem like a simple ache that's deemed to fade away after a period of rest, but if left untreated for long, it may transform into a debilitating and chronic pain.

If you are wondering how to manage joint and muscle pain, you are at the right place. Before we get into that, let's figure out what causes these pains.

What triggers joint and muscle pain?

Most of us experience several kinds of joint pains and that makes us wonder what initiates these pains. Generally, these are some of the triggers:

  • Injuries: Injury to ligaments, tendons, cartilages, or meniscal tear can cause knee pain.
  • Strain or Sprain: Stretching of ligaments causes sprain. Strain is over-extension or tearing of muscle. The symptoms may include swelling, bruising, and pain with movement.
  • Dislocation: The malposition of the kneecap or the sliding of kneecap from its position may lead to knee joint pain.
  • Tendonitis: It happens when there is inflammation of tendons (fibrous cords that attach muscles to bones).
  • Osteoarthritis: The wearing down of the protective tissue of bones causes osteoarthritis. The most common joints affected due to osteoarthritis are hands, neck, lower back, knees, or hips.

However, the most common knee joint pain is due to tissue degeneration, which is more often related to old age.

How to manage muscle and joint pain with Ayurveda?

Ayurveda states that the body is constituted of five elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether. The combination of these elements makes humor or doshas known as vata, pita and kapha. Each humor has its own function. Vata governs all the movements within our body and mind. Any imbalance in these doshas may block the flow of the life force or prana. Amassing of toxins (ama)in the joints leads to joint stiffness and pain.

Ayurveda puts forward various herbal remedies for joint pain. Herbal formulations in combination with changes in lifestyle help to alleviate joint and muscle pain effectively.

Sandhi Sudha Plus Oil is an ayurvedic blend of potent herbs that is very well suggested for joint and muscle pain.

How Sandhi Sudha Plus Helps in Managing Joint and Muscle Pain?

Sandhi Sudha Plus oil is an ayurvedic preparation of selected herbs that helps in reducing joint pain instantly. The herbal preparation permeates deep into the joint tissues and increases the lubrication between the joints.

It strengthens the debilitated muscles, ligaments and nerves. It improves the blood circulation and speeds up recovery of damaged tissues. It stimulates the formation of synovial fluids that helps in providing normal lubrication between the joints.

Akarkara, Nirgundi, Gawarpatha or Aloe vera are some of the herbs that constitute Sandhi Sudha Plus oil. Akarkara is rich in calcium and provides strength to bones.

Nirgundi or Vitex negundo has vata balancing property. It provides strength to weakened muscles and nerves.

Usage of aloe vera in the treatment of joint pain dates back centuries. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that alleviates joint pain and also provides lubrication to the joint tissues.

Other than these herbs, Sandhi Sudha Plus oil also comprises ajwain flower, betel leaves, asaliya, salakha, jyoti smriti and amrit dhara.

The amalgamation of these vital herbs makes Sandhi Sudha Plus oil an effective therapy for muscle and joint pain.

Summing Up

As the base of all remedies and for its effectiveness, a holistic approach is called for. Ayurveda is that branch of holistic science that holds the key to our universal development in these modern times. It is a science that has potential to cure any disease in its entirety and not just the symptoms. If offers a wide range of solutions in the form of medicines accompanied by providing knowledge of healthy lifestyle that one should follow to lead a healthy and long life.

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