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Ironically, back pain is a result of lifestyle evolution, if not a result of some acute injury, where excessive use of vehicles, work situations requiring prolonged sitting, etc., lead to either deformity or stress on spinal column and muscles surrounding it. These repetitive stressors, which are not intended to build endurance, end up giving constant pain, in either upper, mid or lower back. Pain in back can broadly be classified in two categories, pain emanating from spinal column and pain emanating from muscular structures supporting spinal column. Cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral pains could be extremely annoying and severely debilitating if not attended to timely.

Reasons are mostly,

>> Postural deformities.

>> Herniated/Bulging/Degenerated/Thinning vertebral discs.

>> Strain/Stress in surrounding muscles.

>> Sciatica.

>> Spinal stenosis and nerve compression.

>> Weak muscles giving inadequate support to spinal column.

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