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Neck pain can be termed as the most common pain affecting individuals at some or the other point in time. It could be acute or chronic, exacerbated by activity or due to injury. The nagging and at times debilitating pain in the upper part of spinal column, or cervical region, can be due to various reasons. It could be as simple as keeping head at an uncomfortable position for long, whiplash, or severe pathologic reasons such as cervical spondylosis, muscular deformity, etc.

The most common reasons are as under,

>> Muscular dystrophy, sprain, strain.

>> Traumatic injury.

>> Postural deformities.

>> Muscular/bony degenerative issues.

>> Unnatural growth in form of tumors or cysts.

>> Bony abnormalities.

>> Cervical spondylitis.

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