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4 Natural Remedy for Bone and Joint Pain| Sandhi Sudha Plus

Bones are the pillars on which whole body is constituted. They provide support to our body and help form a shape. Bones are rigid structure that safeguards delicate internal organs and are the storehouse of calcium. They also provide housing to the bone marrow, where blood cells are formed...

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Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Bone and Joint Pain

Ayurveda is increasingly being preferred for relief of ailments by many for its natural constituents. Although, not all ayurvedic medicines can help in giving the expected result. So, it's better to bear in mind some of the important points if you are going for an ayurvedic remedy...

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Keep Your Bone and Joints Healthy | Sandhi Sudha Plus

Bones endow shape and support to the body. It facilitates movements, protects vital organs, stores and releases minerals and fats. Strong bones are essential for a healthy life. In the earlier years of life, it is easier to take care of bones. Bones change constantly. It has ability to grow faster and...

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Managing Joint and Muscle Pain with Ayurveda

Joint and muscle pain has been the most common problem among elders, although this is not just limited to any age group in the present context. Joint pain may begin as a mild discomfort or it can begin abruptly after an injury or exercise. A dull ache or burning sensation is most often a sign of arthritic pain...

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